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1. Smart services for physical spaces

We help you, our real estate clients, bring a more relevant and commercially attractive ecosystem of omni-services to your customers. We do this by strategically envisioning and identifying smart innovative services while demystifying the path to realising them.

2. Experience design and engineering

Together, we create environments that envelop the visitor in stories of a brand's innovation, history and future vision. We design spaces that are sensorial, playful and wonderful. Because we believe that is how modern brands win the hearts and minds of their audience in the future.

3. Innovation activation & network venturing

With the strength and capabilities of your team, we coach and transform your way of working with innovation that is actionable and sustainable. Through principles from rapid business development, strategy and design thinking we identify unexpected possibilities and synergies between companies to grow in their respective industries.

4. Concept, service and product development

Want to develop a product line further or have a great idea and don’t know where to start? We conceptualise and develop products, services and user experiences for our clients by combining communication, design, technology and a deep business understanding. Always letting form follow function and always with the end-user in mind. 

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"The results turned out even better than I had expected - a new concept addressing a new market. A lot of agencies deliver ideas but rarely connected to real business cases. I'd highly recommend Interesting Times Gang."

- Khaldon Hindi, Regional Manager, Region East, Siemens


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