Make things better.
Make better things.

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Beautifully Biophilic

A force of nature in the Scandinavian design industry, Interesting Times Gang is a Stockholm-based studio, reimagining the future role of design, as viewed through the prism of biomaterials, circularity and emerging technology.

We are an interdisciplinary collective of artists, material developers and creative technologists, obsessed with the creation & craftsmanship of aesthetic objects & environments, produced from beautifully circular & regenerative materials.

Make things better.
Make better things.

Innovation Workshop1/5
Combining methodologies such as First Principle Thinking and Gamestorming, we are able to deconstruct a specific challenge, to its most fundamental elements.

Together we remix design principles, material development and emerging technology to explore innovative solutions, which are no longer limited by legacy systems and thinking.
Conceptual Creation1/5
Design is created to solve specific problems. Art is created to provoke subjective emotions. Our clients always entrust us to solve much more than aesthetic or functional challenges.

The power of regenerative and recycled materials is the distinctly emotional response they evoke. Our concepts are brand stories in physical form.
Interior Design3/5
The design concept is manifested in the orchestral composition of complementary and contrasting, colour palettes, materials and physical elements.

Tempo and interplay are the rhythm of an interesting space, one which is then punctuated by circular materials and unique biophilic design objects combined to create an evocative experience.
Material Development4/5
When we started Interesting Times Gang we quickly discovered that we were unable to source biomaterials or recycled matter of the quality and consistency we required for our designs.

This has inevitably led to us developing our own materials for ourselves and our clients, through pure necessity, and somehow along the way, we fell in love with this process of learning, discovery and the beauty of creating materials that never before existed.
Product Design2/5
At our core, we are obsessed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail required to design products and objects that justify their right to exist in a world already overflowing with stuff. 

The only way to make things better, is to make better things.
“We all thank you for an incredible process.
From the first meeting we felt that this collaboration would be awesome.
The eye for details, passion and pure professionalism.
Thank you!”

Elez Berisha, Black Milk Gasto Bar

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