Black Milk

A younger sibling of Aloë, capturing your attention by playing with all your senses


Client: Black Milk Gastro

Focus: Concept Development, Interior Architecture, Circularity

For their new venture, a restaurant concept in the heart of Stockholm, two-star Michelin chefs Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander commissioned Interesting Times Gang to create a new furniture concept, the likes of which have never been seen before.

The result is “Kelp Collection”, which introduces a vision of what can be achieved with large-scale 3D-printed furniture made of recycled fishing nets. The furniture series was created to bring attention to the fact that vast amounts of known underwater kelp forests have been eradicated due to unsustainable fishing practices and rising ocean temperatures (Kelp removes as much CO2 per hectare, as 20 hectares of trees).

Kelp Collection is inspired by biomimicry with undulating lines and organically swaying silhouettes to emulate the forms found in ocean vegetation. A process made possible by the latest advances in 3D-printing technology and material development. 

Interesting Times Gang used a material that combines recycled fishing nets with wood fiber, a recycled FSC-certified bi-product from the saw mill industry in Sweden. To create 3D-printed designs that can stay within the same material ecosystem once they reach the end of their life-cycle. These objects can be ground down to create new bio-materials that can be reused again and again, to create entirely new objects within a closed design loop.

The Kelp Collection is now available commercially, see the “Objects” tab for more information.

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