Where the ocean meets the sky.


Client: Fotografiska Museet

Focus: Concept Development, Circularity

Reincarnated fishing nets from Scandinavian waters became unique tabletops and a bar-counter for Fotografiska in Stockholm.

Fotografiska Museet, the contemporary museum of photography, art, and culture, is a pioneer in integrating sustainability throughout their customer experience. Their event area, Salongen, challenges the traditional image of a conference space, offering an intimate, inclusive atmosphere inspired by water and sky. With soft pastels and carefully curated furnishings, Salongen creates an environment where conversations and ideas can flow freely.

Together with Tengbom architects we contributed to transform Swedish ocean plastic waste into a sea of handmade, beautiful tabletops for Fotografiska. Our design takes center stage in Salongen as bespoke tabletops and a sleek bar counter. By using recycled materials from fishing nets, we have not only contributed to reducing plastic waste in the ocean but also created something that inspires change and awareness about environmental issues.

Overlooking Stockholm's inlet with a fantastic influx of natural light, Salongen offers an atmosphere that is both refreshing and inspiring. The furnishings, including our tabletops and bar counter, are part of the distinctive and carefully curated setup that makes Salongen the perfect place for conversations, celebrations, and events. This unique environment, where elements of nature and circular materials meet, creates an experience that is as unforgettable as it is extraordinary.

We are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Fotografiska and Tengbom architects on this project and look forward to continuing our work in creating sustainable, innovative design solutions.

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