Hyper Human

Design reflections on the relationships between humans and technology


Client: Tekniska Museet

Focus: Concept Creation, CX Strategy, Experience Engineering, AI & Generative Design, Emerging Technologies, Project Management

The Stockholm Technical Museum’s exhibition Hyper Human, is an exploratory experience of humanity’s relation to technology.

What happens when technology makes it possible for us to design our children using genome editing? Where is the distinction between man and machine when we are able to enhance and replace body parts? Who is in control when we allow artificial intelligence to make decisions in crucial life choices?

Artificial intelligence was used in generative- and parametric design to create organic and broken architectural elements. Monica Förster has collaborated with Interesting Times Gang to explore what happens in the creative process when form elements are processed by algorithms. These where then presented as 3D printed furniture, frames, arches, windows and niches. Questioning the role of the human designer and its encounter with AI.

A number of interactive experiences where also developed on the topic of genetic modification, deep learning, surveillance and the high-tech world of the future.

"Man's relationship to the machine, in the light of AI, is the theme of the Technical Museum's new, visually spectacular exhibition. What makes "Hyper human" really interesting is the existential questions we are faced with." - Svenska Dagbladet, Eva Bäckstedt, 2020-06-06

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Where is the boundary between man and machine? And what happens when technology moves into our bodies?

These are some of the issues discussed in the Technical Museum's reopened, semi-permanent exhibition "Hyper human". During the closure due to the Corona virus, the exhibition has been livestreamed extensively in digital channels, but sooner or later you should still visit the museum, for "Hyper human" is an experience on multiple levels.

- DN, Annica Kvint, 2020-05-31