Jugoso & Loom

Biodegradable partitions made from mycelium and 3D-printed orange peels


Client: OBOS

Focus: Concept Development, Design, Technology, Circularity

During Stockholm Creative Edition 2023, Interesting Times Gang and OBOS,  premiered a biophilic interior design wall-as-furniture concept – LOOM, made from mycelium, and JUGOSO, created from 3D-printed orange peel rinds.

The idea of circular and sustainable interior walls was first explored during one of the many design sprints OBOS Innovation conducted in 2022, focusing on the theme of sustainable renovation. The result was an extensive product development collaboration with Interesting Times Gang, under the working title “Veggro”.

Every year over 10 million tonnes of furniture and interior design objects end up in waste-streams in the EU. A small percentage of this is recycled or reused, while the vast majority ends up in landfills or incineration.

Almost 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from the real estate industry. Although it is well known that building and construction materials are a significant contributor to this figure, research shows that renovation of existing structures can represent over a third of the climate impact over the life of the building.

Unfortunately adoption by an industry that is particularly resistant to change, is not happening at the required rate in order to meet the climate goals that are essential to lower the current volumes of global emissions.

The first object from this collaboration is a “wall-as-furniture” concept, a modular product to be used as a partition/acoustic wall which also functions as a decorative element.
The frame is constructed out of ash-wood and designed to minimise the use of screws and glue, resulting in a flatpack construction that can be assembled and easily transported as needed.

The design uses a mounting system for the panels, making them replaceable. Each wall is double-sided, holding 12 panels on each side. Giving the user the flexibility to change the materials and design over time, and extending the product's lifespan.

The first of the two panel designs LOOM, grown from mycelium, is reminiscent of mushroom roots, DNA-strands and nordic folk patterns. The second, JUGOSO, is 3D-printed using orange peel rinds, and the fruit's juicy vesicles serve as the primary inspiration for the geometric form. As a result, each wall has a distinct character and biophilic timelessness.

Together, OBOS and the Interesting Times Gang have committed to a common goal of accelerating this implementation by developing and evaluating new biomaterials together. The concept and product will initially be validated in OBOS Living Lab at Vollebekk in Oslo. Giving the Living Lab residents, stakeholders in the building and construction industry the ability to experience the products up close and in person.

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