In the wake of Erik Lallerstedt and Carl Eldh.


Client: Humlegården Fastigheter

Focus: Concept Development, Interior Architecture, Circularity

When the legendary Swedish architect Erik Lallerstedt originally designed T-house, he immediately brought in the sculptor Carl Eldh, to adorn the building with his beautiful work.

So when Humlegården Fastigheter AB and Monica Eskedahl Varg asked Interesting Times Gang to help design the bar which is the centrepiece of Humlegården Fastigheter AB's redesigned Head Office, we knew we had to honour the legacy of this iconic landmark.

Interesting Times Gang meticulously sculpted the 31 individual bar-panels in 3D, crafting unique individual sections, that when put together, seamlessly form this biophilic work of art, which has been printed out of fishing-nets and wood waste.

We like to think Erik and Carl would have approved of the result.

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