Orbital Trends & Insights

Data Insights and Future Trends


Client: NCC

Focus: Data insights and Future Trends

NCC is one of Scandinavia's leading companies within the construction and infrastructure industry. One embarking on an exciting journey with an ambitious strategy of transformation, harnessing massive amounts of data and building Virtual Design and digital construction processes.

Interesting Times Gang was approached with the brief to deliver a qualitative study to deliver a deeper understanding of the future vision of NCCs customers and partners. These insights were required to guide the priorities of the the development and technical strategy moving forward.

We were responsible for workshops and interviews with representatives of senior leadership from property and infrastructure development organisations, energy providers, autonomous vehicle companies, financial institutions, logistics platforms, AI systems developers and many others.

The result was the identification of 6 significant trends including the development of digital twins, sustainability focus, architecture, financial incentives and innovation.

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