Destination 2030

Service Design for sustainable and enriching places and experiences


Client: Tyréns

Focus: Concept Development, Service Design, Graphic Design, Animation

Tourism can lead to great strain on the environment and its residents. At the same time, people's travel can promote encounters between people, provide positive economic effects for society and contribute to increased knowledge and responsibility for places' cultural heritage and natural values.
It is about managing and developing the values ​​of the place so that the destination is equal or more attractive to future generations.

Tyréns wanted to create a new service for developing sustainable Swedish tourist destinations as they have a unique expertise in the business of raising and making these places available they asked Interesting Times Gang for help in packaging the service "Destination 2030" in an attractive and distinctive way.

Developing and applying a systematic approach to sustainable destination development based on the site's core values, helping destinations become more attractive and sustainable.

"Destination 2030" has taken inspiration from UNESCO's toolbox for sustainable tourism. It is an internationally established model with different steps that provide direction in the sustainability work.

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“Destination development is about going through a long-term and strategic process - going from a current situation to a future desired situation.”