No Time to Waste

An immersive escape room experience


Client: Håll Sverige Rent

Focus: Concept Development, Design, Technology, Circularity

Why create an Escape Room Game, about something as tragic as plastic pollution, and the impending destruction of the world's oceans?

Especially when all credible scientific predictions point to their catastrophic collapse by 2045 due to plastic pollution.

The simple answer is because game-worlds are immersive. You are the story. You have agency in this world.

Games thrust you into an environment that is an absorbing experience of the imagination. And you have an important role to play in the ultimate outcome.

Like most storytelling artforms they are emotional simulations for life.

No Time to Waste is produced by Interesting Times Gang for our wonderful client Håll Sverige Rent.

Our goal has been to place the gamer in a dystopian future, where humankind has failed our planet.

Only you can learn where we made catastrophic mistakes in our history. Only you can change the outcome and save our home.

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