Feels like Home

The first street furniture collection made from upcycled car parts.


Client: Bolt

Focus: Concept Development, Circularity

Since our inception we have been circular by nature, and collaborative at heart.

So when Bolt's creative team approached us with the unique challenge of helping to reincarnate car waste into street furniture, we were thrilled to help realise their vision of cities designed for people instead of cars.

At Interesting Times Gang, we have always found value in waste and showing what is possible by embracing circular design. End-of-life vehicles are an enormous source of materials, the majority of which, never get recycled.

We partnered with Bolt to create the world's first street furniture collection made from upcycled cars. This project aims to reclaim urban spaces dominated by car infrastructure and transform them into inviting, people-friendly environments.

The collection includes a lounge chair, pouff, bench, and two solar-powered lamps, all crafted from vehicle waste materials sourced from Scandinavian scrapyards. We utilised detonated airbags and 3D printing technology to create unique, durable pieces.

This is our combined contribution to the conversation around how we design urban spaces, and to continue to be a lighthouse for recycled materials and circular design.

For a city that feels like home.

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